Getting a report card saying your child has failed in class, can be very surprising, and surely disappointing. Scholastic Problems may manifest as inattention, lack of interest & exam failure in class, to aggression with school peers, physical complaints particularly in the school hours or reluctance & refusal to attend school.

You may observe that your child:

  • Has stopped writing notes in his class
  • Is being labeled as extremely forgetful
  • Is quite bored with studies these days
  • Has dropped lowing academic grades
  • Seems very aggressive or withdrawn
  • Complains of a stomach ache in the mornings and refuses to go to school

Poor performance in schools is attributed to emotional trauma, physical problems, low self esteem, to more complex issues such as learning disabilities and mental retardation. Not uncommonly, a simple medical problem like a visual or hearing defect may also contribute to poor school performance. Sometimes a simple factor like any change in your residence or change in the school may influence the child negatively because children are used to a specific setup and may resist the change. If the child does not like his/her class teacher for any reason (she seems too strict or she may have severely punished your child sometime for some reason) he or she shows rebellion by failing to focus on studies.
Children can never express with ease, what is going on within their mind, but a school going child gives the first signal by failing in the examination. That acts as a warning sign for you to look into the matter and do something about it before the problem gets out of hand and the studies begin to get very negatively affected..

The underlying problem can negatively influence the child’s development in totality.There may be numerous reasons contributing to the poor performance of the child. The best solution is to treat the underlying cause. It may be slightly difficult for you as a parent to identify the cause. In such a scenario it is imperative to use professional assessment to find the cause and use remedial measures to solve the underlying problem before it gets too late and the child then unnecessarily lags behind in his studies and overall development.

Dr. Amulya Bharat

Dr.Amulya Bharat is a renowned Neuropsychiatrist in PrashantVihar, Rohini, Delhi. He took M.D. degree in Psychiatry from prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi in 2000.

Afterwards, he did Senior Residency from Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi from 2000 to 2003. After finishing Senior Residency, he worked…

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